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Movies and TV Shows That Spark Empathy in Kids
Teaching kids to think about how other people feel is something that will help them throughout life. These top TV shows can teach lessons and help spark discussions about understanding, compassion, and empathy. Kid President: Declaration of Awesome Viral-video star brings inspiring messages to fun TV series. Recommended for kids 7 and older Quality: 4 out of 5 Network: Discovery Family Channel Good Witch Family-friendly series centers on charming, helpful witch. [...]
Mon, Nov 16, 2015
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How to Find the Best Movie for Your Sensitive Kid
Every parent knows that one kid’s worst fear is another kid’s “no big deal.” That makes choosing movies for young kids tricky. You can experiment with movies from our Best First Movies List or search for movies in your kid’s age range. Depending on your kid’s particular sensitivity, the movies below can be great choices (or big no-nos!). [...]
Sun, Nov 15, 2015
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How I Got Arnold Schwarzenegger to Star In My Movie About a Pregnant Guy
This article by Beverly J. Camhe originally appeared on Fatherly.  “It takes the strongest man in the world to do a woman’s job.” That was my pitch to Arnold Schwarzenegger as he sat having breakfast at Patrick’s Roadhouse on Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica with his mother. [...]
Sun, Oct 11, 2015
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Behind The Scenes Of ‘SPECTRE,’ With James Bond Drifting Aston Martins
By the time I make it down to the Tiber that first night in Rome—after an overnight flight, after Customs, after clearing the complicated Italian on-set security—it’s nearly midnight and I’ve just missed the shot. At the end of its line, emerging from the water tail-first, like a giant hooked tarpon, is the impossibly gorgeous, smoky silver, Aston Martin DB10 sports coupe, purpose built as a one-off (well, ten-off) by Aston design chief Marek Reichman in collaboration with director Sam Mendes, just for “Spectre,” the 24th James Bond film, and the 12th featuring the venerable British sporting luxury brand. [...]
Thu, Oct 01, 2015
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The ‘Star Wars’ Baby Name That’s Spiking in Popularity
Anakin, the given name of Star Wars villain Darth Vader, is rising in popularity among baby names for boys. The moniker, which is the given name of Star Wars villain Darth Vader, was the 957th most popular boys’ name in 2014, according to the Social Security Administration. In total, 218 boys born last year were given the name Anakin.   STORY: Atticus Tops Popular Baby Names List of 2015 Of course, more babies go home with the names of Star Wars good guys. [...]
Mon, Aug 24, 2015
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