Traditional Khmer Performance

By admin | December, 1, 2022

Traditional Khmer dance performances, drama “Stirling the Milk Sea” from Princess David Dance School

27.11.2022 Koh Pich Theater, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Stirling the Milk Sea” is a traditional Khmer dance drama that is performed by the Princess David Dance School, a dance troupe based in Cambodia. The dance drama is based on an ancient Khmer legend about a prince named Stirling who must journey to the bottom of the Milk Sea to rescue his wife, who has been taken by a sea monster. The performance combines elements of traditional Khmer dance, music, and storytelling to tell the story of Stirling’s journey and the challenges he faces along the way.

Traditional Khmer dance is an important part of the cultural heritage of Cambodia, and the Princess David Dance School works to preserve and promote this art form. In addition to performing traditional Khmer dance dramas like “Stirling the Milk Sea,” the dance school also offers dance classes and workshops to students of all ages, helping to pass on the traditions of Khmer dance to future generations.