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Photography has always fascinated me. You take like a small frame / scrap  of the surrounding world, you focus the attention on a particular object, thing, person, landscape (…), you freeze it at this particular fraction of a second.  Everything flows => things change, environments, people change, come and go. You capture it, the very thing you see at this very moment and even thus it may/will be gone it stays with you and the world you share it with forever.

I’ve been taking pictures since I got my first camera at the age of 8. Back then it was manual SLR cameras, negatives and prints were developed in darkrooms. The whole process was a long wait to see any results but I must say it was playful. Over time things went digital. New, endless possibilities of digital processing become available for creators. 

This led to creation of plenty of unique fine art pictures which kind of blurred the line between what is created artificially and what represents true reality. Many pictures in the Fine Art collection were created in this way. These are scraps of the real world, the way I saw it with the addition of digital processing. 

We provide you possibility to have the digital ownership and utility of these rare and unique NFTs


At this moment we put on sale the collection “Fine Art by Paul Szewczyk”. Those are Fine Art pictures taken, kind of on the side of my commercial and documentary photography work, represent inspirational pieces of reality converted digitally into artistic, imaginative pictures.

This collection will be growing over time with digitally processed Fine Art snippets of reality pictures shot at various places of the world.

Supply &  Rights

  • We are creators of each individual picture which is put on sale.
  • Each picture is minted only once at one chain, quantity is always 1.
  • Pictures minted as NFTs are not or were not sold at any other sites (eg. picture banks)
  • You have the full right to the picture from the moment you buy it
  • But we reserve the right to keep them as examples in our creator portfolio to be used at our website, social media and as exhibits (if/wherever applicable)

Cost & Value

  • The pictures we are selling are unique and are not minted and put on sale just to extort money from the market. We expect the value to grow over time as the collections are valued more.
  • We list them at generally low cost and this may vary per collection / picture. Probably it’s a fraction of what it may be worth in the future.
  • The money collected will be used to finance other photographic projects / endeavours.
  • Creator earnings (percentage of the sale price every time one of your items is sold) is capped at 5% and paid by the current NFT owner while selling it


  • We will be minting NFTs solely at one marketplace
  • At this moment:
    •  we are using
    • we mint NFTs at Polygon chain as it is much cheaper to transact with then Etherium 
  • If any other marketplace / chain will be used, it will not affect the rule that one picture can be only minted once at one chain

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