Portraits by Helmut Newton

By admin | September, 2, 2019

Looking back at old classics, we are presenting a collection of portraits by Helmut Newton

He led the ultimate glamorous life. He lived in the Chateau Marmont in the winter months, to keep the cold and gloom at bay, befriending Billy Wilder, Dennis Hopper and Robert Evans. He was married to fellow photographer Alice Springs, quirkily named after a pin was placed in a map.

Newton arrived in Paris in a white Porsche, was hired immediately by French Vogue, commissioned by Playboy, had a heart attack at 50, and lived in Monte Carlo. Then in a final fling – or what Karl Lagerfeld poetically described as “his last picture, taken by himself”, he crashed his Cadillac on Sunset Boulevard aged 83, on January 23 2004.

  • After taking a model onto the streets during an early assignment at British Vogue, he was sternly told by the editor that “ladies, Helmut, do not lean against lampposts”
  • All of his exhibitions were curated by his devoted wife, Alice Springs, and all of his books were edited by her, including: White Women (1976), Sleepless Nights (1978), Big Nudes (1978), World Without Men (1984) and the massive Sumo (1999), which came out at 31 inches, 26 kilos, £625, and even had its own coffee table. Brad Pitt even purchased several copies.With a retrospective glance at the works of a photographic master, we present a collection of portraits by Helmut Newton.
  • In 1999, the couple celebrated 51 years of marriage with a joint exhibition and book entitled Us And Them, which featured Alice’s photograph of Newton wearing nothing but black stockings and a tender portrait of her lying on a hospital bed, post-surgery and wearing a catheter and metal zip up her stomach